Crafters, Makers & Artisans:
How many different people have their ‘
grubby little fingers 
in the designing & printing of your
advertising, marketing, and promotional materials?

Spend LESS time on your marketing and keep more of the profit
in your business when you tap into ONE SOURCE for
your advertising, marketing, and promotional materials!

No more hiring different companies to create and print your business cards and flyers ; digital designs for online marketing and social media ; and promotional products.

No more putting out fires and following up with 7 different companies to get your goods and services out into the world!

Welcome to Puffin Enterprises.  I’m Chris Hilbert, Founder of the Puffin! 

And I’m here to let you know that whether you need:
1) high-end graphics for your print and social media;
2) backgrounds removed from shots you want to use on your site or in printed media; 
3) have promo products printed that your ideal clients will adore; or
4) your ads brought to life

One person. One stop. One shop.
ALL the design work you need done - under one roof. 

I can help you make your marketing stand out from the crowd.

Click here  and lets connect  just give me a brief idea of what you need and the best time for us to talk about what you need!

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