Crafters, Makers & Artisans:
How many different people have their ‘
grubby little fingers 
in the designing & printing of your
advertising, marketing, and promotional materials?

Do you have a printing company for your business cards and flyers, and then a different company to print your promo products for your events and trade shows? 

Do you have someone else taking care of creating your social media graphics that are SO important in todays marketing world? 

Do you have yet another person to fix your bio, product, and background photos and images?

Are you *tired* of spending so much time coordinating what should be a simple, and straightforward, task?

That can end today!

You don’t have to check in with a dozen different artists about your various design projects ANYMORE.

As a creative, you have ENOUGH to do and you don’t need to be reaching out all over the world looking for the right people to take care of your vast, and diverse, design needs. 

All you need is ONE person who has the skills, the experience, and the foresight to know what you want...almost without you saying it.

Welcome to Puffin Enterprises.  I’m Chris Hilbert, Founder of the Puffin! 

And I’m here to let you know that whether you need:
1) high-end graphics for your print and social media;
2) backgrounds removed from shots you want to use on your site or in printed media; 
3) have promo products printed that your ideal clients will adore; or
4) your ads brought to life

You don’t need to manage communications from four different companies, adding to your stress and frustration. 

One person. One stop. One shop.  ALL the design work you need done - under one roof. 

But that’s not really the important part. Is it? 

All the design work is done without a never-ending list of edits because I GET you!

As a fellow Creative, I understand what you mean, what you need, and deliver ONLY that. 

Now, with that said, you are still entitled to edits and I’ll make sure you DO love it before you download your final design project, but you won’t have to get lost in a flurry of noise to get what you want! 

I’ve had the honor of serving killer clients just like you for nearly 15 years, so I know that, being the creative you are, you need someone you can rely on….and build a rapport with! 

I am that someone:  Your One-Stop Puffin . . . at your service. 

What can I help you bring to life today?

Ready to see how I can help you make your marketing Stand Out From the Crowd?
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